Can you spot the three differences between the pictures?

One of the things I have never understood of Age of Ultron is how people put all the blame in Tony for whatever happens, and Wanda is just the poor mislead girl used by Hydra/Ultron. 

In Avengers everyone blames Loki for Clint’s actions, and in Winter soldier we blame Hydra for Bucky’s, but in AoU they blame Tony. And Wanda is at no point held accountable for her actions. Lets not forget that she provokes the Hulk and then points him towards a populated area where people more than likely died, and yet, everyone is “welcome on board, be an Avenger”.

Then there’s the whole discourse on how they hate Tony Stark so much because a bomb with his name on it blew their house, and ok, fair enough, but there was a war going one and Tony Stark didn’t fire the bomb, some asshole did, and if it didn’t say Stark it would have said Hammertech or something else. If it had been a gun shot, you would not go look for Glock, or Winchester or whatever the make of the gun, to seek vengeance, you’d go looking for the guy with the finger on the trigger.

On the whole, I just get annoyed with the treatment of Tony Stark and how the blame for everything tends to be shoved his way. And I have the feeling that with Civil War looming things are not going to improve much for him.