I am currently at 499, but I’ll get to 500 sometime this month….probs.

So anywho, giveaway or something or other? I honestly never thought I’d reach this point, so I guess I should do something.

Rules? Yeah, Rules.

  1. You gotta be following me. And try not to be a dick and unfollow once the thing is over. I can’t do anything about it, but it’s just mean. 😦
  2. Likes and reblogs count
  3. You must be an RP blog. (I will check.)
  4. No limit on reblogs, but I mean you’re the one who’s gonna be spamming peoples with my stuff. So.

So Prizes? I guess? I mean if you like that kind of stuff.

  • Grand Prize: One lucky dweeb will receive the ultimate in grand prizes which includes one ficlet of your character, or a character of your choice, and shippy things if you like, fluff, angst whatever! Yes. Also I will make you a dope ass promo (it prob won’t be dope, but I’ll do my best) or an ‘RP Recruitment’ post (EXAMPLE) for any RP you want.
  • 1st Prize: A RP Recruitment Post, and a ficlet of your character or of your choice. It’ll be awwwesome.
  • Runners Up!: Two runners up will get a Drabble of a thing and a wee promo.

This will last until June 27th. You have until then to do the thing until your hearts content and then THE VICTORS OF THE HUNGER GAMES SHALL BE REAPED.

Or something.

Good luck?