At the End of July, the 27th to be precise I will
have been on Tumblr for four years. Time flies! Also I’m very close to a Follower
milestone as well, if I reach that before the end of the Give Away which will
conclude on the 27th of July at 4pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) then
a second Grand Prize Winner will be added!

Anyways on to rules!

  • You must be following me (I will check). If you unfollow me
    after the giveaway I suppose that’s your prerogative, but it’d be nice if you
    didn’t. 🙂
  • You must be an rp blog (since prizes are rp related), no give away blogs allowed.
  • Reblogs only, likes will not count.
  • You may reblog up to four times only (per each blog you have
    if you have more than one), but try not to do it all on the same day or at once
    at least for your own followers’ sakes. 🙂
  • And again if I reach the follower milestone I’m not far from
    a second Grand Prize Winner will be added!

Now for the prizes! Winners will be chosen at random via  (I know my talents aren’t as good as many, but I wanted to do something.)

  • Grand Prize Winner: Will
    receive a promo made by me either singular or a dual with a partner of their
    choice (for examples go here). Said promo will be added to my queue and be
    featured on my blog for a month. (Again
    if I reach my follower milestone a second Grand Prize Winner will be allowed!)
  • 1st Prize:
    A promo for their blog made by me and put in my queue four times at random points. 
  • Runners Up: Two
    lucky people will win promo graphics for their blog made by me to use to their
    hearts’ content. 🙂

Remember this will
end July 27th 4 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)!

Good luck!