grunted in response, looking at her despite that small flicker of embarrassment
growing. He couldn’t place why, maybe because as uncomfortable as he was with
public displays of affection, that had been entirely something different and…

he couldn’t explain it. There was no sense to the shame he felt, more-so as if
he had somehow let Romanoff down despite not. She looked happy, to say the
least. Satisfied like a cat, eyes glinting with an all too proud look. Steve was
almost mortified, he had come apart so easily and he hadn’t been able to do
anything about it.

reached over to her, quickly and smoothly lifting her right out of her seat and
pulling her into his lap. He wanted to hold her, his hands had felt useless
when he hadn’t been able to touch her, or to even really move. Now they held
her gently, and that dull ache in his chest that his annoyance caused began to
fade, but the embarrassment lingered.

kissed her again, as if somehow she was the cure for all of this. And he was
slow to break it, then buried his face into her shoulder.

“You’re,” his words were quiet, and muffled, his lips grazing her skin. “very good at… that.”

That had probably been the most risky thing she had ever
done, accomplished in public. She couldn’t help but let her eyes wander and if
anyone had seen they weren’t acting like it or hadn’t cared. But she felt
certain no one had been the wiser during the storm and the distracting
turbulence. And she was pretty sure that they weren’t the first to engage in
such acts, the mile high club came to mind and while they could’ve gone there,
this, in Natasha’s opinion had turned out way more fun.

She relaxed herself, shifting a bit to get more comfortable—

Until she found herself being quite literally pulled out of
her seat and onto his lap. It threw her for a bit of a loop, completely unexpected.
She had expected him to just be quiet, even embarrassed and perhaps he was, but
this could be a way to hide it. She didn’t know. All she knew was that she was
in his lap and he was kissing her and frankly that’s all that mattered.

Over the initial first reaction, she let her arms twine
around him as best she could and leaned against him, chuckling a bit at his
admission, a compliment she supposed.

“Mm. Practice.” Was her response, a bit tongue in cheek of
one, but it was the truth. She pressed her lips to his hair before resting her
head against his contently. “And I intend to get a lot more.” Though not right
now, but when opportunities arose of course.