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For her own personal amusement, Natasha left her hand on his
leg, letting it slide up dangerously high the entire time the Flight Attendant
stood right there in front of them, she even curled her fingers, lightly digging
her nails into the denim of his jeans all while being absolutely profession in
her expression and demeanor towards the other woman.

Inwardly she was absolutely amused, down right tickled pink

Her bold gesture had paid off, she could tell he was more
relaxed, but she was all too certain he was a lot of other things too and she
was absolutely pleased with herself and it showed in the gleam of her eyes and
the upward slant to the corners of her lips. In fact it was taking a lot of
personal effort on her part not to just start laughing, the rush of adrenaline
still roaring through her veins and the taste of him in her mouth was honestly
wonderful and she knew this would not be the last time she’d render him
absolutely incapable with her hands and mouth, though she’d do him a favor and
the next time would be tucked away behind closed doors, which would give her
more freedom as well to truly enjoy him.

And with fingertips still drenched in his scent which she
used to turn his face back to her for a moment she pressed that smirking pout
of hers to his, kissing him deeply, adding to the situation and allowing him to
taste himself on her lips and within her mouth before pulling away slowly, but
remaining pressed against him, her shoulder to his.

“Do you need a blanket or a pillow?” She inquired, giving
his leg a pat and her head coming to rest on his shoulder. She had no doubt at
all he would seek retribution and that was all fine and dandy with her.  



when you see a bullshit post but don’t want to Get Into It

I adore this gif

jerseysass replied to your post:

My favorite part of this is that they’re both tiny enough that they could have a really hot session in the backseat of his car. xD

Yep XD


if u ship ur muse with my muse


because i might also ship it

but i would be sitting there like

welp, i would do this, but i don’t know if they like it

I just…feel like I need to save everyone. To redeem myself.


I am almost done with things that I can come up with for things. 

So whenever you two can enter “The Dumpster” 😉 if y’all are game for the AU I’ve been going on about, and can add more and adjust what I’ve come up with…

Because we need to write together. -nod nod-