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Do they listen to other people when they
Absolutely. Because Natasha understands what it’s like not to be
listened to and even if she doesn’t like what she’s hearing, she listens and
not just for that reason. Listening can tell you things beyond words spoken,
and she listens not only with her ears, but her eyes as well. When someone
speaks she looks at them, watches them. Her attention however isn’t completely
undivided, she is always, always aware of her surroundings.

Would they rather be
big or small?:
Natasha is actually happy with the size she is, which is
small. It has benefits, the surprise of being underestimated, being able to use
to size of those larger than herself against them and she rather likes the fact
that she will always, for the most part be the little spoon when it comes to
sleeping or cuddling with a lover.

What are some of
their phobias?:
She’s not a huge fan of being in complete darkness or in
small and dark spaces, though she isn’t exactly claustrophobic. She has a fear
of thunderstorms, the full reasoning of that is clouded in her mind thanks to
the Red Room’s tampering, but the memory associated is no doubt unpleasant
considering how nervous they can make her.

Do they prefer land
or water?:
Already answered

Aww thank you, you are adorable and sweet, I’m glad I followed and have gotten chances to speak with you. ❤

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Is your
muse easily scared?:
She was taught in the Red Room to channel
fear, to use it and not allow it to use her. But at the same time she is human
and that isn’t fool proof. So while she doesn’t scare easily, she can get
scared. Certain things, concepts do frighten her more than she cares to admit,
but in general she doesn’t scare easily.

When is
your muse happiest?:
When she’s with those she cares about and they
are content. She values her relationships be they platonic or romantic or
family and as much as she claims she’s a lone wolf type at times, she’s her
best, her happiest when she isn’t alone and she knows she is loved and wanted.

Enchanting, Kind and Generous

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  1. It’s going to take some time for
    Natasha to fully trust Beth, though she does like her.
  2. At the same time, Natasha hopes Beth
    knows she can trust her.
  3. Unknown to Beth, Natasha is a bit like
    a not so stray, stray cat with a watch dog mentality. In other words expect to
    find her around and somehow magically in her apartment at random.
  4. Natasha thinks Beth is crazy for
    having left Hawaii for New York
  5. Beth may find she might not appreciate her new
    possible friend’s bluntness or way of telling people things they don’t want to
  6. In the same respect, Beth should feel
    free to do the same to Natasha.
  7. There will be no end to Natasha’s
    amusement when she finds out Clint is Beth’s landlord.
  8. Beth will find out however Natasha at
    times has no room to talk about being a walking human disaster.
  9. Beth can expect odd and random
    gestures in repayment for her services from unmarked postcards to little random
    trinkets Natasha feels she might like randomly popping up in her apartment.
  10. Ignore the bottle of Vodka with the
    label printed in Russian Cyrillic that randomly appears one day and seems to
    only exist when Beth is patching her up.  

“I think I’m a Capricorn? Supposedly I was born around Christmas.
Things like zodiacs, I really don’t pay much attention to.” She had never seen
a reason for it, though Clint liked to read them and tell her what was going to
happen in her day. He found it amusing and she let him have his fun.

“How I go is how I go…”Natasha shrugged. “Pretty sure it won’t be
natural causes.” It couldn’t be, in fact she was all too sure she’d go out with
a bang and in some ways she hoped it was before everyone else she cared about,
the idea of being alone frightened her.

“Not really.” She shrugged. “There’s something… someone… but
beyond that I don’t really get into it. I’ve been to funeral services, but that’s