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Reluctant, no so much. Worried this is going to end up like the last time someone was working with them, only to try and bring them down? Who wouldn’t have been.  They worked too hard as a team to bring the task force together, last thing either of them needed was someone coming in and trying to dismantle it all.  He shrugs, lightly, watching her fill out what she needs as he retrieves a badge from the drawer. 

Once it’s all done, he takes back the papers and slips them into a folder for later ( where he’ll get copies and let jerry run his check ) and offers an even wider grin when she talks about hollywood failing at hawaii. He laughs. 

“Yeah, doesn’t really capture the beauty. Glad you’re liking it, and remember – I’m here to show you around this place I call home.”  He first offers out a hand, holding her badge in the other. 

“Natalie Rushman, I welcome you to the Hawaii Five-O task force.”  

She watched and yet didn’t watch everything he did. She
noted where her paperwork went and had no doubt he was going to look into her
further. Which was expected and she had everything in place needed for that.
She knew that both Natalie Rushman and Natasha Romanoff existed out there, but
there were enough differences between the two and just enough similar
connections that it would be easy to see how people could mistake her for the
infamous Black Widow, all part of the ruse really.

She was indeed like Tony had called her once, a triple

And she could do it without even having to stop and think
normally, but she had a feeling she would have to keep on her toes here. Steve
McGarrett’s reputation proceeded him as did his teams.

“Ah.” She smiled, arching a brow, “You’re native to here?”
She knew that, but it was a detail that she felt wouldn’t be so easily known or
paid much attention to and a conversation point. “I may have to take you up on

She shook his hand then and then took the offered badge,
looking it over. She’d never had a badge before, just a card for SHIELD.

“Thank you or rather Mahalo.”


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      ‘’okay, natalie…  looks like you’re part of the team. for now.’’  he fishes out a temporary badge from his office desk, running his thumb over the indented lettering as he holds it steady in his palm.  more people learning about how his team operates doesn’t seem like such a bad thing ( with the exception that last time it was to try and lock them up. )  he shakes the feeling that this is another situation like back then, and opts for a lose little grin instead. 

    ‘’still need you to the sign the paperwork … things can get a little … interesting around here.’’  when he clearly had NO idea that this wasn’t some regular cop looking in to working with their force; but an agent of SHIELD. 

    ‘’also, how are you liking hawai’i? different than your run of the mill back on the mainland, eh?’’  

She knows he doesn’t fully believe her and she also knows she’s
got to keep on her toes with this one. Though she suspects at some point the
truth will come out, it usually does and she’s prepared for that. She always
is. It’s part of the job honestly, one of the risks.

“You seem reluctant.” Which was understandable, she had done her
homework and they didn’t always have the best luck with people from the
outside. “But I can assure you Commander I’m not here to cause you any
problems.” And that was the truth.

“Of course.” She nodded about the paperwork. She could sign all of
her various names, each one vastly different and perfectly legal as well.
Though at the same time she could also manage a lot of signatures very much not
her own. All a part of her skill set.

“It’s different.” A small smile played at her lips. “Hollywood
doesn’t quite do it justice.”

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Word. Only way to survive the Tatooine of the US lol

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Listen… he is very aware she is a sinnamon roll. He is however trying to spare his life.