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I’m around, don’t know if I’m here or not, had a not so great night with my Mom so not a lot of sleep happened.


I’m on and about. 

ANd I am heeere

So I had a fun morning. What was supposed to be just a
routine garbage disposal replacement… turned out to be worse.

Long story short we had a moderate leak under our sink a
while back which caused some water damage and well the damage was too much for
our filtration system tank and it sunk and popped a pipe which ya know caused
further damage which got discovered today and so now we’re just waiting for
peeps to come over and help us fix the problem who was gonna help us fix it
anyways, but sooner now so we can put things back under the sink that belongs

Anywho, I’m around.

And I am here -eyes in box-

What did I do…

I have returned…

And it’s gotten even hotter, bleh.

I’m on and about and trying not to melt.